Let That Be A Lesson

Based on Murphy’s Law, I wasn’t surprised to wake up this morning and see overcast conditions out of the window, especially since we’ve recently had several cold, crisp, sunny Autumn days. I immediately checked the AeroWeather app on my phone and was informed that conditions were ‘MVFR’ – Marginal Visual Flight Rules. There was hope.

To say that today dragged is an understatement. I never thought 2.00pm was ever going to arrive. But arrive it did, and with it came a half an hour wait for my instructor, Iian. Patience is definitely a pre-requisite quality for aviation because there are so many factors that dictate when things can happen, and as safety is of the utmost priority, nothing can be rushed. The wait was an interesting one though, especially when a Chinook landed at the airfield. Weather conditions had also improved by this point as well, with clouds at a ceiling of about 4000ft and wind conditions calm, although it was still overcast. Continue reading “Let That Be A Lesson”

Cleared For Departure

Yesterday was a beautiful autumnal day, and following fog and poor visibility in the morning, I knew that any activity at Dunkeswell was going to be happening from midday onwards. So, with my LAPL Medical Certificate and Log Book in hand, my wife, daughter and I made our way up to the aerodrome. While lunching in ‘The Aviator‘ cafe, we had a wonderful view of Runway 05/23 and were able to watch a number of student and private aircraft land and take to the skies. We were also treated to a constant stream of brave souls going up and back down again on parachute drops – I’m regretting not having taken my camera now. I will snap some photos at a later date though and post them up here. Continue reading “Cleared For Departure”

Primed and Ready

The first step of my journey is to obtain a LAPL medical certificate. Without that, I cannot even start to learn to fly. The examination is less stringent than that required for a Private Pilot’s License (PPL), so I’m reasonably confident that I won’t fail it. However, it would be a shame to fall at the first hurdle! Once the certificate has been issued, I can then make arrangements to join the flying club, obtain my starting equipment and begin my lessons with Devon & Somerset Flight Training at EGTU Dunkeswell.