Terminus Est

I wish to say more, to write a more detailed explanation for those that may be interested in reading such things, but I do not have the heart for it right now.

All flights have been cancelled.


Heady, Set, Go…


Blue Steel

I’m a couple of posts behind due to a busy week, so I’m adding them a week later for posterity, with their original dates intact.

It seems to be common practice for student pilots to have their own headsets for use in the cockpit, but like everything else related to aviation, there is of course a hefty price tag attached. While there are a number of low-cost options available, David Clark headsets have set the standards of comfort, quality and performance in design and manufacture and their ‘green domes’ are very widely recognised. I knew that I couldn’t stretch to anything as advanced as their Electronic Noise Cancelling (ENC) range of sets, so I spent a few days scouring eBay for one of their passive offerings. I soon became disheartened that few were available as second hand models, at a price point I could afford, and even commented to my father that I can never find a good deal for the things I want on eBay. But within forty eights hours of making that comment, I had won an auction for the H10-13.4 headset, at 50% of its brand new retail cost.

I always experience some doubt and trepidation whenever I buy anything off of eBay… Will it turn up? What condition will it be in? Will it be the one that was shown in the photograph? Well, I’m pleased to say that the headset arrived within 24 hours by Special Delivery, was the item shown in the photograph and both it and its carry bag were in mint/’as new’ condition! I gave them their first use during my second lesson and they worked beautifully.

Anyway, enjoy the obligatory black and white selfie.