Terminus Est

I wish to say more, to write a more detailed explanation for those that may be interested in reading such things, but I do not have the heart for it right now.

All flights have been cancelled.

Radio Silence

It’s been exactly two months to the day since I last posted to this blog and I can’t believe just how that time has flown! Well of course, it’s not just the time that has been flying either. Despite the absence of blog updates, I have been making steady progress with my flight training and am now about a quarter of an hour short of reaching a third of my minimum hour requirement. The past couple of weeks has seen my ninth lesson postponed at least twice, preventing me from breaking the 10 hour mark. All being well, next week should fix that hopefully.

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What’s Virtually Gone Before

While I’m counting off the days until my medical, I thought I would reminisce about some of the aviation related activities that I’ve enjoyed over the years – in this instance, virtual ones. First up, I’ve mentioned elsewhere on the blog that I have previously played Flight Unlimited on my Windows 95 PC. Well, there were some other games I enjoyed too for the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga: Continue reading “What’s Virtually Gone Before”